How to recognize the gambling addiction and deal with it?


Gambling addiction – this is a name for one dangerous phenomenon – a psychological state characterized by pathological dependence on games in their various manifestations.

A person can become addicted to computer games or gambling. It seems, at first, what is terrible about the periodic playing the computer, or, even more, poker? But one-time gatherings with friends at the poker table or at the computer have nothing to do with a pathological attraction to the game. Doctors put gambling addiction on the same level of danger with drug and alcohol addiction and confirm this trend with real research. The data of the analysis of the National Association of the USA, which researches the problems of gambling, indicates that almost every second inhabitant of our planet is a potential gambling addict. Just imagine – the possibility of becoming addicted to games in the modern world is 48%, which is 15% more than the likelihood of becoming addicted to alcohol.

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What contributes to the development of the disease?

There are several reasons that can make a person addicted to the game:

Weak social adaptation

A constant feeling of failure in life: self-doubt, inability to build relationships with the opposite sex. The problem arises in school years, becomes facilitated by the wrong upbringing of the parents: beatings and humiliation of the child, or, conversely, his ascension to the level of a little deity.

Misconception about games

An addicted gambler, sitting down at the game control panel, receives a charge of positive emotions, in case of victory - some reason for self-affirmation. But will this help him in life? It is highly unlikely.

Desire to get rich quickly without effort.

This reason is always associated with gambling. The first wins, albeit very insignificant, stir up the interest to hit the jackpot more. What is the result? It is true, continuous losses, a desire to recoup and systematic valuable "handshakes with a one-armed bandit".

*There are only 3 factors, but how strongly they affect people. Reminded again – every second person can become a gambling addict, but is it possible to identify a disease by any signs and start treating gambling addiction on time? Definitely yes.

Signs of illness

Outwardly, gambling addiction manifests itself through

*Did you find these symptoms? Then see your doctor urgently for gambling addiction treatment. The earlier actions are taken, the easier it is to get rid of the pathology.

Procedure for treating gambling addiction

The treatment is based on the psychotherapeutic method.

Therapy begins with acceptance, the addict must be aware of the presence of disease, otherwise there will be no benefit from the impact.

When the patient is prepared, gambling clinics decide on the type of therapy. The most popular and effective among them are: